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Crobot: The Breakout Band of Rock on the Range 2014

What would happen if The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against The Machine, Queens of the Stone Age, and everything you love about classic 70′s metal had a love child? Well, they did and it’s name is Crobot.


The Central Pennsylvanian quartet just released their self-titled EP–produced by Machine (Clutch, Lamb of God, Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes)–Tuesday, May 13 on Wind-up Records. Listen to the EP: The group also debuted their new video for “Nowhere To Hide” on Revolver magazine online. Watch here: At Rock on the Range 2014 they completely dominated, quickly drawing a crowd as they heard the funky metal sound emanating from the Jagermeister Stage and when getting there were given visual bliss by a magnetic performance conducted by BRANDON YEAGLEY (lead vocals, harmonica), CHRIS BISHOP (guitar, vocals), JAKE FIGUEROA (bass), and PAUL FIGUEROA (drums).

These guys get the juices flowing and bring the fun back to the party that is rock n’ roll. With a stage performance that is wild, brutal, and sexy all at once, they are poised to take over the metal world as a band that can crossover into many genres and find fans among many musical tastes. Meeting the band members is no less exciting as well, the boys know how to have a great time and were taking in all the wonders of Rock on the Range 2014 this past weekend. Go NOW to their website (below) where you can pick up a FREE song at iTunes or grab their breakout EP:The Legend of the Spaceborne Killer.

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