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ABBA Returns With New Music After Good 40 Years

More “Money, Money, Money” is on the line for ABBA. Fans have been anxiously waiting for their come back for decades now. This iconic Swedish pop band has earned over $2 billion in a career from arena stages, the Broadway stage, movie screens, and 400 million records sold. On early Thursday, the band’s new official Twitter account dropped the news about its reunion called “Voyage” cryptically, accompanied by a teaser.

The mentioned website for their mystery project is hyping its fans by giving them the opportunity to be first in the queue to hear more about their reunion.

mystery project

The Swedish superstars are to release their new album this year

An insider of Capitol Music Group, the band’s label has divulged more about this upcoming excitement. A special invite-only event will be taking place on September 2nd in Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield, where it will all be ABBA themes festivities and announcements.

Earlier, the “hologram tour” was announced in 2017, which never came through.

Five new songs and a documentary

American Idol’s Simon Fuller has shaken hands with Bjorn,76, Benny, 74, Agnetha, 71, and Anni-Frid, 75, to bring the best ideas to action. It looks like their site will go live on September 2nd, according to the tweet from the verified account.

Mamma mia, here they go again.The dreams of ABBA’s fans about watching them live are soon to come true. A tipster has revealed that some major announcements are underway for the fans in their new “hologram tour,” which was put off earlier. It is said that Bjorn, Anni-Frid, Benny, and Agnetha will be there on the opening night, where they will reveal their Abba-tars, the holograms of themselves.

The Abba-tars would perform and speak to the audience rewinding time for the fans. The preproduction of the show began in 2019, and the idea was presented by Spice Girls manager Fuller.

audience rewinding time

Far-fetched concept

In the past, some clunky pop superstar holograms were slammed by the audience. But the advantage of technology that we have access to now is undeniable. The CEO of LA-based PORTL, Dave Nussbaum, agrees with the strides in technology. The firm has been exemplarily developing the real-time hologram software that summons performers anywhere virtually.

Fans are ready to Take A Chance after the previous delays

ABBA had promised to return to the studio in 2018 with the song “I Still Have Faith in You” and “Don’t Shut Me Down” but have been repeatedly delayed. As a thanks to the fans for their patience, three bonus tracks are afoot, and the label is steadfast that they will fall through in their promises this time around.

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