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Ever Fantasized About Learning From The Finest Instrumentalists? Get Guitar Lessons From Metallica On Yousician!

A music training platform called Yousician, which offers lessons in guitar, piano, voice, and more, is flagging off its first-ever partnership with artists series. This platform is entirely virtual, and the company hopes that new users join these courses taught “Master Class” style by celebrity artists.

Their deal with Metallica is ready to come into effect next year, and the virtual lessons are composed to be interactive powered by real-time feedback technology.

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Yousician’s first Spotlight course

Pop musician and two-time Grammy Award winner Jason Mraz is set to hold its first class and teach lessons in ukulele and guitar. Jason Mraz hopes to encourage everyone of all ages to learn without any dithering. According to him, Yousician makes learning and playing music easy and holds your hand in your musical journey.

Through Yousician’s Spotlight, Jason Mraz would share his complete song performances, share his personal tips and tricks, talk about his musical journey and get candid about his experiences in the music industry. Yousician is gladdened that its users will now have the opportunity to be inspired by Mraz and learn practice and play, all within the boundaries of their homes. The course also includes tutorials for his best hits, including “I’m Yours,” “93 Million Miles,” and “I Won’t Give Up.”

Yousician is working hard towards making musical education accessible.

Yousician has close to 20 million monthly users across its two apps, a guitar tuning app called GuitarTuna and a music education app called Yousician. So far, this Helsinki-based startup has raised $28 million in Series B funding. Users can progress through the syllabus on the app by playing for 15 or 20 minutes a day, while the app awards them with one to three stars based on their performance and mistakes.

To access the full library of lessons or learn multiple lessons, users can sign up for Premium or Premium+ subscription, starting at $19.99 per month. Otherwise, one can make the most out of the one free lesson every day.

In conclusion

Yousician allows its users to learn music at their convenience, and the prices are much lesser than the in-person classes. In fact, some teachers recommend this app to their students to keep practicing and learning between lessons. Furthermore, one of the app users went from not playing an instrument to playing on-stage in just one year.

Yousician, for nearly a decade, has been the leading platform for music learning. With the new investors on board for the app, Yousician is all set to grow its team, improve its brand, localize the product and build more relationships with musical artists to bring them onboard.

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