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Kanye West is returns with his New Album “Donda” and the Other Scoop

Along with the album, Kanye West has found another way to blow his fans’ minds. He has revealed a new music gadget called the Donda Stem Player. According to the device’s website, it will let you customize any song, and it is available for preorder at $200 and will be shipped with “Donda”, the new Kanye West release.

Donda finally sees the light of the day.

After multiple delays and listening events, Kanye West finally released his new studio album. The album also features Travis Scott, The Lox, The Weeknd, Jay-Z, and others. There are 27 tracks on the Spotify playlist, though the song “Jail pt.2” featuring Dababy is unavailable.

listening events

Donda was to be released on July 22

After the first listening event, Donda was scheduled for a release on July 22. West, before holding the final listening event in Chicago on Thursday, resided at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium to giving the finishing touches to the album. The attending celebrities were DaBaby, Marilyn Manson, and his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West’s allegations on the Universal company

Kanye West has made known that the album has been released without his permission on the streaming services. Just after hours of its release, West expressed on social media how the music was released without his approval and blocked the song Jail 2 featuring DaBaby.

Though the representatives of the Universal offered no comments, insider sources have called out Kanye’s claim as preposterous. Manson has been credited as a composer and lyricist on “Jail,” while both Manson and DaBaby have made an appearance on “Jail, Pt. 2.” In the past, West posted on Instagram showing screenshots of back and forth with DaBaby’s manager about not clearing the rapper’s verse for “Jail.”

composer and lyricist

The issues with Universal are a long time coming for Kanye

Kanye West, in September 2020, expressed his desire to buy back the master recordings from the company as he does not want his efforts to be obstructed by contracts he had earlier signed.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian unite to promote the album

Their breakup has inspired his album. Kanye had been married to Kim for six years and fathered four children before filing for divorce. Despite the split and the private turmoil, Kim has supported Kanye in the promotions of Donda, which Kanye finished making just weeks ago.

split and the private turmoil

Criticism over collaboration with Marilyn Manson over his sexual assault cases

Marylin Manson is under heat over sexual abuse and physical violence charges by more than 15 women. Kanye West has made it clear that their collaboration would hold firm. Manson has still not been proven guilty by the court.

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