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You Might Never Be Able To Listen To BTS Singing In English Again

Do you remember the incredibly catchy “Dynamite”, BTS’ first English song? It had immediately skyrocketed to Number one. Soon after, “Butter” and “Permission to Dance” followed “Dynamite” to No.1. BTS has had to cancel its world stadium tour due to the pandemic. Despite that, everything seems great for the group. It was the first time ever that an all-Korean group hit the top 10 of Billboard’s Top 40 Airplay.

Members of BTS now reveal that not everyone jumped at the idea of their new singing language.

Except for Shin Young-Jae, the president of BTS’ label Big Hit Music, everyone else on the team was not happy about their English singing sojourn. The band members have expressed that singing in English is a distinct experience, and they had to unlearn all they knew earlier to nail their English songs.

all-Korean group

BTS would lose its authenticity if they suddenly croon in English

BTS members are concerned that if they change their language of music, they would like not to be BTS anymore, much to the pressure of the management company. Capitalist and artist interests are always at loggerheads, and the three English hits have let the management cash some big money.

BTS plans to continue making music in Korean

The management has doubts regarding whether BTS would fit in the mainstream music scenes of the US. There is still no staunch decision on their English song performances, but BTS’s focus is putting their faith in the fans and making music just for all the girls in Thailand who adore this band.

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International recognition of BTS

Now, BTS is back to singing in Korean despite their worldwide reach. There are some concerns involved about their discomfort singing in English as it is not their first language. It requires utmost attention to pronunciation while recording, too, and their production company has revealed that there were a lot of changes and edits even after the whole song was recorded patiently.

But BTS has put in their heart and soul to enthrall their English-speaking fans. They practiced a lot in advance and requested lyrics prior to recording too.

Grammy Awards

BTS’ humility is still intact

BTS has gone places professionally after their smashing hits in English. But they have not let the fame get to their heads. They have expressed their gratitude for being ranked first on the Billboards and the Grammy Awards nominations, and they have set their sights on only making their fans happy.

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